Products & Services

Sub-Surface Services

  • Drilling Tools
    • TEAM services the industry with a complete range of downhole tools for drilling such as Jars, Shock Subs, Stabilizers & Drill Pipe. For remote regions or short-term projects, TEAM offers portable, self-contained service facilities and experienced technicians. These highly mobile facilities are designed to standard ISO shipping container specifications for quick redeployment as containerized cargo.

  • Fishing Tools
    • TEAM offers complete range of fishing tools for each hole section and applications. Prior to each rental, all tools are fully disassembled, inspected, repaired, reconditioned, tested, re-torqued, and fully documented under our component traceability and quality program.

  • Completions Tools
    • TEAM offers wide range of completion tools such as Packers, Nipples & Screens.

  • Performance & Directional Drilling Services
    • TEAM offers Directional Drilling Motors & MWD for drilling deviated &Horizontal wells.

  • Wire Line Services
    • TEAM offers Cased Hole Wire Line Services.

  • Drilling & completion Fluids Services

  • Chemicals